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TD524A вакуумные прерывателя
  • TD524A вакуумные прерывателя
Количество минимального заказа: 3PCS
Срок поставки: 35 дней
Базовая информация

Модель: VITD 36/1250-20A

Описание продукта


1.Rated frequency 50/60Hz
2.Rated Voltage 36/40.5kV,r.m.s 
3.Rated short-time power-frequency withstand voltage (1 min) 70/95kV,r.m.s 
4.Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 170/185kV,Peak 
5.Rated Current 800A
6.Circuit resistance at lowest rated contact force 20Micro ohms 
7.Rated short-circuit breaking Current 18.4kA,r.m.s 
8.Rated short-time withstand current 18.4kA,r.m.s 
9.Rated duration of short-circuit 4s
10.Rated peak withstand current 46kA,r.m.s 
11.Rated short-circuit making Current 46kA,r.m.s 
12.Max. Dc component 40%
13.*Rated breaking current of single capacitor bank 630A,r.m.s 
14.*Rated breaking current of back-to-back capacitor bank 400A,r.m.s 
15.Rated operating sequence O-0.3(0.5)s-CO-180s-CO
1.Interrupter Weight(Approx.) 4.08kg 
2.Weight of movable parts 2.1kg
3.Closing force due to bellow and atmosphere 17040N
4.Force required to hold contacts open at full stroke 32050N
1.Clearance between open contacts 151mm
2.Average opening speed(average of first 75% of contact gap) 1.50.3m/Sec 
3.Average closing speed(average of last 30% of contact gap) 1.10.2m/Sec 
4.Rated added external contact final force 2000200N
5.Contact bouncing duration at closing operation 2ms
6.Closing and Opening non-simultaneity of three-phase Contacts 2ms
7.Maximum Rebound during opening 2mm
1.Electrical Life at Rated Normal Current 20,000Operations 
2.Electrical Life at Rated Short Circuit Current 50Operations 
3.Mechanical Life 30,000Operations 
4.Contact Erosion Limit 3mm 
5.Shelf Life 20Years
1.Meets or exceeds the electrical endurance requirements of class E2 for autoreclosing duty per IEC 62271-200 and JB 8738-2008.
2.* Rated Characteristics to be given on request

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